Pets with Wings Program


 St. Thomas has a special program that pays for kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs to be flown to no-kill shelters or forever homes in the states.

They just need an escort. Please inquire about travelers needed. You could help save the life of an island pet. 

Pets with Wings Program

Humane Society of St. Thomas transports 100’s of animals each year to the states where loving families and no-kill shelters are waiting for them. They transport as many as they can when they can.  Unfortunately, due to heat restrictions, larger animals cannot fly during the summer months. Sadly, they are forced to utilize population control methods due to the extremely high number of animals brought to the shelter each day.


They rely on travelers headed back to States to help transport our friends to their fur-ever home.  We pay for everything, we meet you at the airport with all the paperwork, we have pre-arranged for persons to pick up at your destination, they just need an escort. Smaller animals can travel in the cabin with you, or larger animals flying cargo will just need your signature stating you are their person for the trip north. 


Contact both St. Thomas Humane Society and the Animal Care Center on St. John a few days ahead of your departure and ask if there is anyone needing to a lift in your direction.