Hiking on St. John

St. John is full of hiking trails. In fact, some of our beaches are only accessible by foot. 

Hiking Holidays on St. John

Our island is covered with hiking trails. It’s possible to cross from one side of St. John to the other in just a few hours.

Here’s the link to download the St. John Hiking map.


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Hiking Holidays on St. John

Heres some additional ideas for your land-based excursions.

Shopping, Clay/Pottery Classes, Dancing, Yoga/Pilates Classes, Gambling (slots), Aerobics, Bird Walks, Hiking, Art Galleries, Museums, Island Taxi Tour, Historic Sites, Visit VI National Park, Visitors Center, Cooking Lessons, Limin’ in the Park, Bar Hopping/Live Music in town, Horse and donkey rides, Jeep Around the Island, Walk/Volunteer at the Animal Shelter (ACC).