Azure Vacation Homes - Meet our Team

We have extensive local knowledge as island residents and love every minute of sharing it with visitors! 




The owner and founder of Azure Vacation Homes, Theresa Sim, a horse trainer and dairy farmer from Ohio started her first business when she was 16. As an avid animal lover,  she dedicates her free time to hiking the trails of St. John with her two rescue dogs Amelio and Doejee and working with St. John visitors and the Pets with Wings program, located at the St. Thomas Humane Society, to help find chaperones for island pets who have homes waiting for them in the states. She is also a licensed 100-ton Boat Captain, Virgin Islands Real Estate Agent, a nationally registered EMR and volunteer for St. John Rescue. 


Since her move to St. John back in 2008 she has worked her way through every position of the vacation rental team. As the owner of Sim’s Island Management Services, LLC, founded in 2014, she has offered many services to the island of St. John which included cleaning & maintenance, painting, gift baskets, trucking, and retail sales. Through the years homeowners have recognized her exceptional work ethic and quickly asked her to oversee every facet of their homes. With her “jack of all trades” reputation, she is well rounded in all areas of maintenance, plumbing, structural, drywall/painting, landscaping, pool & hot tubs, housekeeping, welcome baskets, greets, constructing/overseeing preventative and routine maintenance programs, hurricane shutter design and installation, organizational skills, electrical, and more. She is a very detail orientated person and can identify and mediate any issue. Although Theresa now spends much of her time in the office, this will not change her dedication to having a hands-on interaction with each one of the homes marketed on




 She can be reached at her e-mail, anytime.