Arrival Guide

We are pleased you will be staying at one of our island properties! The following information will help you have a relaxing visit. Bring this guide with you. It contains information you will need before and during your arrival!  

Azure Vacations Office:               Emergency after-hours only:  

(340-779-4250)                                          340-344-5774


       At The St. Thomas Airport   

*You may pre-arrange a direct taxi to the ferry or a private water taxi to St. John.

      First, retrieve your luggage.

 Proceed outside to the taxi dispatcher. Rates are posted (approximately $15 each one-way to Red Hook, $11.00 for 2 or more passengers, plus $2 for each piece of luggage).  Any person requesting a taxi exclusively for themselves are as follows: Airport to Red Hook: $90 for 1-4 passengers, (5 or more passengers add $15 for each additional person). ).

  Tell your taxi driver that you are going to the St. John ferry dock (Charlotte Amalie or Red Hook).

   Follow the Arrival - Greeting Instructions that were emailed to you!


Greeters: If assigned a greeter, please be sure to call them as described and leave a message if needed. Otherwise, they may not be there to meet you. If your flight is delayed or you have to wait for lost luggage, let your Greeter know you will be delayed. You will be given the name and telephone number of your Greeter about a week before your arrival.

A very few homes have no 'Greeter'. In these cases, in your Arrival - Greeting e-mail, you are given specific driving instructions to reach the villa.


St. John Ferries - Ferry staff loads/unloads luggage onto the boat; they are required to do this by the ferry company.

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas/Cruz Bay, St. John   A 45-minute ride from Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay. One-way, $12.00/Adults, $3.00/Children ages 2-11. There is also a charge of $2.50/piece for luggage/boxes.


Red Hook, St. Thomas /Cruz Bay, St. John   A 30-45-minute taxi ride between airport & Red Hook ferry dock.  The ferry ride is 20 minutes between Cruz Bay & Red Hook. One-way, $7.00/Adults and $1.00/Children ages 2-11. There is a charge of $4.00/piece for luggage/boxes


Passenger Ferry Schedules


Red Hook to St John

St. John to Red Hook

6:30 am, 7:30 am then hourly from 8:00 am to 10 p.m.

Hourly from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas to St. John

St. John to Charlotte Amalie

*when running

10:00 am,1:00 pm and 5:30 pm

*when running 

8:45 am, 11:15 am and 3:45 pm

**During the Off-Season there is NO Charlotte Amalie ferry run. This schedule interruption usually starts right after July 4th until November 1st. People Ferry and Car barge schedule can be found here:


Barge (Vehicle) Schedules

If you rent a vehicle on St. Thomas, barges run regularly but are not as reliable as passenger ferries. Currently, there are 2 companies operating – tickets are not interchangeable, so we do not recommend buying a round-trip ticket. Barges leave once they are full, so be there at least thirty minutes to one hour before the departure time to get in line. We suggest only considering a barge if your flight lands before 3PM due to the time spent waiting on luggage, & the drive time to the barge ramp in Red Hook.


Monday – Friday: 5:30AM-7 PM approximately every half hour (Please call a day before to confirm the status of the 5:30 am barge trip).  Saturday: the first trip is at 6:00 AM. Sunday's first trip is at 7:30 AM - every hour on the hour until 7:00 PM. Red Hook, St. Thomas/Cruz Bay, St. John   A 30-minute ride; prices vary by company, ranging from $30 one way to $50  round trip.


Barge Companies:

Love City Car Ferries (Capt Vic): 779-4000

Check them out on Facebook!


Global Marine (General II):  779-1739/775-6279

Baby Items  

If you are traveling with an infant or toddler, we recommend renting these items. There are 2 companies to call for availability.

Rental Companies:

Island Baby 340-998-8327

Check them out on Facebook!


Christies of St. John 340-776-6889


Car Seats:   U.S.V.I. the law requires all children under 5 years old to be in a child-restraint car seat (or, if a child is 3 to 5 years old, they may wear a regular seat belt IF they are in a rear seat). Car seats are available from your rental car agency. Please order one when you book your rental car; there may be a small charge.


Check-in is at 3 PM and check out is at 10 AM sharp

 Exceptions for early check-ins or late check-outs are rarely possible due to a short availability of time to clean the home.  You will be assigned a greeting time and location prior to your arrival to meet your greeter.


Car/Jeep Rentals

 We highly recommend a jeep rental for all guest stays and can assist you in making your St. John vehicle reservation! Inquire about our in-house Jeep rental. Note: You must keep your vehicle tops on at all times! Driving on St. John is fun and exciting- we drive American vehicles on the left side of the road. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is a MUST! Remember to bring your driver's license and proof of insurance while exploring St. John.

Sunshines Jeep Rental  Across from Dolphin Market in Cruz Bay: 


5 passenger vehicles (Jeep Wranglers)

St. John Car Rental Across from Wharfside Village: Phone 340-776-6103;

5 passenger vehicles

5-7 passenger vehicles

Under the age of 25? Budget Rent a Car on St. Thomas can help -ask for Tracy if possible, give our L# which is L7794250 & ask for the internet rate. Phone numbers are 1-800-626-4516 and 340-776-5774.

NOTE: Large vehicles can be difficult to park in small driveways and parking spaces in town are hard to come by. We strongly recommend getting two smaller vehicles instead of a single large one when viable for larger groups. You will appreciate the flexibility.


Dress codes

Informal: islanders wear cotton or lightweight clothing with sandals or sneakers. Away from the beach, swimsuits must be covered up and men must wear shirts.  Bring hats and plenty of sunscreen to protect you from the Caribbean sun!  Most restaurants are casual.  For upscale restaurants, lightweight shirts and slacks are recommended for the gentlemen and sundresses or shorts outfits for the ladies. Whatever you pack will likely be too much – pack lightly!


Early Check-ins/Late Departures

 It is rarely possible to do an early check-in or a late departure because your housekeeping/maintenance team has only a few hours to ready (or turn over) a property in between guests. We ask for your understanding in this matter. Please plan on a little extra time to get where you need to be, we do have “traffic jams” and construction that could delay you.



 To have your refrigerator stocked (or provisioned) prior to your stay, contact us, we will do the shopping for you.  St. John also has several markets offering fresh produce, meats & seafood. Your Greeter can give you directions if you ask. If you are considering packing foods in your luggage, consider - lost luggage may mean the food is unusable!

St. John has many fine restaurants for all budgets and tastes. Check out a listing in our Restaurant Guide. 



 All our villas are fully furnished and equipped with linens, beach towels, beach chairs, coolers, kitchen cookware, and utensils, etc.   We kindly ask that you not rearrange the furniture. Should you need additional beds and if the villa allows, we have airbeds for rent at $75 per week. Prices include delivery and setup!  All rentals are delivered to your villa, are set up and ready for your arrival.


Garbage Removal

 Unless otherwise noted in the villa, guests are expected to remove their garbage from the villa and take it to the nearest dumpster daily, which your Greeter will point out to you upon your orientation. This is a necessary part of living in the Tropics. Failure to remove garbage upon departure will result in a minimum $50 charge to the guest.



 See Arrival Information above. Note: Our staff of friendly and hardworking locals wants to ensure that you have a wonderful time on St. John. If you feel they have done a great job, tipping is appropriate and greatly appreciated, but never ever required or expected. One Greeter is provided for each villa. Additional greetings may be scheduled in advance & prepaid at $100 per greeting.



 We have constant trade winds that normally keep the mosquitoes away, but if they come
around, use your favorite insect repellent and keep the screens closed or use a mosquito net around
your bed. Be nice to the little island lizards…they eat the mosquitoes!  We cannot turn off the tree frogs or the crickets at night – relax and enjoy the chorus!


Internet Access

 Most villas offer high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi. Check our website for your villa’s listed amenities. Guests who need assistance in getting their computer to work can follow directions in the villa to find and pay a local technician for assistance. There are also several cyber locations on St. John. Internet uptime is not guaranteed however, we will do our best to assist.


Local Customs

 Caribbean manners are important! In our West Indian culture, we show respect for others by saying, “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Good Evening” before anything else! West Indians take pride in this tradition and are appreciative when visitors make the effort to understand the ways of the islands.


Office Location

 We are currently relocating our office. We will update once our locations are finished.




 Parking in Cruz Bay can be difficult to find. Please do not park in any area where no parking signs are posted to avoid fines or booting of your vehicle.


Rental Policies

 Refer to the rental policies on our website or to the copy e-mailed to you prior to your arrival.  All guests agree to abide by these policies as well as the terms of their rental contract.


Special Services

 We want your visit to be memorable and can arrange almost any special service that you request: from activities to flowers, massages, facials, and provisioning. Please inquire for more details.

Telephone Calls

All local calls in the villas are free. Bring a calling card with an 800-access number for long distance use. Cell phones usually work here. Always best to call your service provider and ask if they service the Virgin Islands and if they have additional roaming charges. 

Travel Documents

A United States passport is not required to travel to the US Virgin Islands. The passport requirement does NOT apply to U.S. citizens traveling to or returning directly from a U.S. territory.  U.S. citizens returning directly from a U.S. territory are not considered to have left the United States and do not need to present a passport.   Visit the U.S. Passport office ( ) for more information and up to the minute changes.  Please verify boarding requirements with your airline.

**Note:  If you do plan to charter a boat to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) you will need your passport.


U. S. Currency, Postage and Packages 

 Most places accept major credit cards. You may want to bring travelers’ checks in small denominations.  Express Mail via the US Postal Service is the quickest way to receive/send important packages. To mail a package to St. John in advance of your arrival, call Connections at 340-779-6922.  The friendly folks there will give you mailing instructions, so your box will be at their office when you arrive. If any packages are mailed directly to the Azure Vacations office or if we must pick up your box delivered elsewhere on-island, a $100 charge will be required.